Commercial Wood Fired Oven Range

Alfa Pizza Ovens

Alfa Refrattari is an established company with a wide variety of products ranging from woodfired, gasfired, commercial ovens and also fireplaces. For the last 30 years Alfa have been producing wood fired pizza ovens for both professional and domestic use, and are known throughout Italy for the quality of their pizza ovens, fireplaces, barbecues, grills, stoves and other products.

Alfa ovens are designed with a high round dome capable of retaining large amounts of heat within the oven. Inside the Alfa oven, fire moves towards the dome unobstructed and heat is reflected back towards the oven floor. All the areas of the oven are thus heated uniformly and the oven can reach high temperatures and maintain them for the duration of the night. The refractory oven floor is capable of maintaining the high temperatures needed to give the pizza the right about of cooking once it is placed on the oven floor.

Morello Forni

Morello Forni have been manufacturing since 1969 professional grade pizza ovens to meet their clients’ need; technical research, design and development have always been the companies most important values, allowing them to create special products like wood ovens with gas heated bedplates more than forty years ago, then applying this innovation to revolving bedplate, up to modern hybrid wood – gas or wood – electric fueled ovens.

Morello Forni have designed and keep developing the FRV fully electric revolving bedplate oven range. Morello Forni production encompasses a wide range of wood, gas, electric, static or rotating ovens; our high quality products combine ease of use, energy and fuel saving, top baking performance.