Alfa Pro Quick Commercial Wood Fired Oven

Alfa Pro Quick

Quick is our largest mobile commercial wood fired oven. Perfect for catering, food truck and mobile business. Available in top version or with base with wheels, Quick reaches 450° C / 840 °F in just 40 minutes, faster than any other pizzeria wood fired oven.

Quick can cook up to 110 pizzas per hour, one pizza in just 2 minutes! The honeycomb stainless steel structure of the combustion chamber makes the oven light and robust, perfectly ready to be placed in a restaurant or in a pizzeria. Thanks to its wheels, this commercial pizza oven can be moved outside in the summer and inside in the winter or when not in use.

  • Wood consumption: 7 kg/h – 15 lbs/h
  • LPG consumption: 1,20 kg/h – 2,6 lbs/h
  • Methane consumption: 1,58 m3/h
  • Dimensions WxDxH: 136x125x175 cm
  • Weight: 330 kg
  • Heating time: 20’ to reach 200°C, 35' to reach 450°C
  • Pizza capacity: 6 pizzas
  • Cooking performance: 110 pizzas per hour