Alfa Special Pizzeria Series 2 Wood Fired Oven

Alfa Special Pizzeria Series 2

The Special Pizzeria Series professional pizza ovens are an Alfa classic with industry experts saying it is the oven that has best meet the needs of the consumer for over 25 years. Having installed more than 5500 ovens in over 50 countries worldwide.

Like all Alfa ovens, the Special Pizzeria Series 2 ovens have the distinction of being made from only highest quality materials and with detailed craftsmanship.

With its signature Alfa arch, the Special Pizzeria Series 2 professional ovens have become synonymous with quality and fine dining. In Italy and around the world, industry insiders recognise the Special Pizzeria Series and pizza makers fondness for the Special Pizzeria oven is evident in the number of ovens we’ve sold and installed in the last 30 years.

The Special Pizza “Series 2″ oven with its new cornice and arch brings the cooking area closer to you by another 20 cm. With Alfa’s Special Pizzeria “Series 2″ ovens, you can monitor your pizzas with greater ease.

The world’s best selling commercial oven range.

  • Highest quality materials
  • Extra wide mouth for better visibility
  • Spherical dome high-efficiency
  • Plan refractory to high thermal resistance
  • Available in various sizes and models (refer below)
  • Gas Models available
  • The Special Pizza oven is 25 years for the world’s best selling pizza: a guarantee!
  • The dome of the Special Pizzeria thanks to the perfectly spherical shape acoglie the flame and accompanied with a gentle movement toward the chimney radiated well after the plan
  • The plan of the Special Pizzeria is refractory brick withstands up to 1200 ° C, and thanks to its smooth and shaped parts can be replaced without the help of experts
  • The oven is cast iron Pizza Special and custom contoured fits perfectly with the refractory. The advantage of the mouth shape and easy viewing of cooking pizza without losing the warmth of the dome
Special Pizzeria Series 2 132/7
Inside Diameter: 120cm
External Width: 134cm
External Depth: 128cm
Pizza Capacity: 7
Bread Capacity: 14kg
Weight: 440kg
Special Pizzeria Series 142/8
Inside Diameter: 130cm
External Width: 146cm
External Depth: 140cm
Pizza Capacity: 8
Bread Capacity: 16kg
Weight: 500kg
Special Pizzeria Series 2 152/10
Inside Diameter: 145cm
External Width: 160cm
External Depth: 158cm
Pizza Capacity: 10
Bread Capacity: 20kg
Weight: 680kg
Special Pizzeria Series 2 162/12
Inside Diameter: 160cm
External Width: 175cm
External Depth: 168cm
Pizza Capacity: 12
Bread Capacity: 24kg
Weight: 770kg
Special Pizzeria Series 2 182/15
Inside Diameter: 185cm
External Width: 199cm
External Depth: 199cm
Pizza Capacity: 15
Bread Capacity: 32kg
Weight: 990kg