Morello Forni FGR Rotary Gas Oven + Gas Heated Bedplate

Morello Forni FGR Rotary Gas Oven + Gas Heated Bedplate

These rotary pizza ovens are equipped with independent double burner gas heating systems between the bedplate and the dome: They represent the rotary version of the ovens "FG" range. The rotary bedplate system is equipped with a very strong gear-reducer with inverter. The strong thermal flywheel effect combined with the rotary bedplate provides the Pizza Chef with excellent baking quality and quantity.

A cleaning system is provided for collecting the small parts of fired ingredients collecting them in a drawer positioned under the oven. It can be easily accessed by the User during the oven cleaning operations.

An efficient internal lighting system is installed in these ovens.

The under-floor heating system allows baking in a baking tin or directly on the oven bedplate programming its temperature on the thermostat.

Thanks to its double flame intensity and temperature control, the dome burner allows multiple types of baking.

Thanks to its optimal gas combustion these ovens are capable of the high production and efficiency given the clean and steady operating conditions.

The FGR ovens are manufactured on three sizes having a rotary bedplate diameter of: Ø 110 cm., Ø 130 cm., Ø150 cm.