Morello Forni MR Rotary Wood Oven + Gas Heated Bedplate

Morello Forni MR Rotary Wood Oven + Gas Heated Bedplate

This oven concept is a direct result of the "MIX" oven range and the rotary bedplate is applied to allow for uniform temperature and baking. It is basically a rotary wood fired oven equipped with double door front opening, fireside grate and ash drawer for collecting the ashes that come out from the wood combustion.

The oven is also equipped with one digitally controlled under-floor gas burner. The exhaust flues coming from the under-floor burner cooperates to heat the oven crown before exiting the chimney. The combination of these two wood and gas heating systems optimise the baking function. A simple system adjusted by the double display thermostat allows easy use of the wood fired oven by the trained or non trained Users and the oven can be pre-heated by following the thermostat indications.

The under-floor gas heating system automatically reaches and maintains the required baking bedplate temperature.

  • Two lamps red and green, adjusted by the oven thermostat provide the User the input of firing a new piece of wood when the required oven dome temperature decreases .
  • The rotary bedplate system is equipped with gear reducer and inverter.
  • The under-floor gas burner heating system allows an automatic oven pre-heating phase.
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  • The user can also easily balance the oven temperature for large amounts of work.
  • The separate fireside and second door with double ash drawer gives this oven the best and most healthy pizza baking performances.

The large front shelf made in smooth natural stone allows the User to operate in maximum comfort. The "MR" ovens range can easily be converted into full gas operating ovens. With a simple operation is possible to install the proper dome gas burner as for the "MRI" oven range. The digital safety gas control is installed to respect the highest safety world standards. These ovens are manufactured in three sizes with a rotary bedplate diameter of: Ø 110 cm., Ø 130 cm., Ø150 cm.

BBQ version: with charcoal grill for the MR, MRI and MRE ranges ovens

The MR, MRE and MRI series ovens described above are also available, upon request, in the BBQ version. A real charcoal grill is placed in the area intended for wood burning. The coal burning fireplace is made in sheet metal and its height can be adjusted by means of a lever that allows the User to control the baking process by moving the brazier closer to or further away from the cooking grill.

The cooking grill is made entirely of stainless steel and equipped with a special roll-out rack that allows the User to handle the food easily and safely. This type of structure allows different foods to be roasted, all the while baking pizzas without the risk of mixing flavours, thanks to the high temperatures inside the oven which neutralize any odour. Ideal for restaurants that require combined oven roasting and baking.